How I Used Facebook Ads to Get Webinar Registrations at Only $1.01 Per Conversion

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As a Facebook ads coach, I get to the opportunity to do work I love and coach some amazing people who run awesome businesses.

A couple months ago, I shared a success story featuring Deacon that explained how he grew his revenue from $5,000 a month to $21,000 in just 7 months using Facebook ads.

This month, I want to give you an insider’s look at my own Facebook ads success story about how I’ve been able to use Facebook ads to get webinar registrations at only $1.01 per signup.

Let’s dive in!

Why I Fell in Love With Facebook Ads

I didn’t start off as a Facebook ads expert, of course. When I started blogging back in 2015, my first website was called Our Debt Free Family. During this time, I was learning all I could from experts like Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield.

In fact, I learned Facebook ads from Amy Porterfield herself! It wasn’t until I ran my first Facebook ad campaign that brought in webinar registrations at just $1.26 per conversion, that I really found my passion.

Just to put that cost per conversion into perspective, back then, Amy always she said that a “good” webinar cost per conversion was anywhere from $1-3. So, I was really excited about my $1.26 conversion on my very first campaign!

Success With My First Facebook Ad Campaign

Just a few months later, I ran this ad and brought that number down to $1.01 per webinar registration.


My husband was my graphic designer at the time and created the image for the ad!

Even though it wasn’t the best image, it just goes to show that you can get great Facebook ad results even if you don’t have a background in graphic design! I ran the campaign for a short period of time since it was promoting signups for a debt training webinar I was hosting.

Screenshot FB ad results

As you can see, for the entire span of the campaign my average cost was only $1.01 per registration. There was a total of 212 people registered, and I only spent a total of $213.79, which averages out to $1.01 cost per result.

As I’m sure you can imagine, I was very pleased with the results!

Here’s a screenshot that shows how I broke down my ad sets:

Monica Louie Facebook Ads Screenshot

Targeting the Right Audiences

I only promoted this campaign for about a week so I didn’t have a lot of time to test and tweak the ad itself. What I focused on was testing different audiences. As you’ll notice in the screenshot, when I detail the audiences in the ad set names, I tested a lot of female audiences.

The best audiences came from creating Lookalikes of my Facebook Fans and email subscribers. In these cases I left both female and male.

In my first campaign, before starting this one, I targeted males and females and realized that the women were converting far better than the men. So I used that knowledge to only target women with my second webinar campaign, since they resonated with the content better.

This is a great perk of using Facebook ads for a long-term strategy — as you do more campaigns, you’ll be able to find out which audiences resonate best. You can then take that knowledge with you in future campaigns to reduce costs and improve results!

As you can see, even the highest ad set was averaging $2.11 per conversion, which is amazing! However, I turned it off because it was so much higher than my best performing ad set.

At the end of the campaign you’ll see that the overall cost per conversion was a total of 46 conversions, which is still phenomenal! But reviewing the data the cost was creeping up, so I chose to turn it off.

Please note: I ran this campaign a couple years ago, so you’ll see that the minimum per day is set to $3 per day, which is lower than the $5 per day minimums now. I did increase the minimum on my best converting ad set to $20 per day over time.

As shown above, on the last day of the campaign, I had 34 registrations at only $0.90 per registration, which is pretty freaking awesome!

While I’m not sure I’d be able to replicate these results now since Facebook ads has changed since then, they were pretty phenomenal results — even for being a couple years ago.

Getting Big Results With a Small Audience

Due to the short time frame for this campaign I was only focused on testing different audiences and didn’t test different versions of the ad. I was pretty lucky that the ad converted so well off-the-bat and I didn’t feel the need to test different images, headlines, or ad copy.

As I targeted different audiences I started with a low daily budget and then increased my budget for the top performing ads as the campaign went on. Any under-performing ads were then turned off.

This is exactly my strategy for getting started with Facebook ads today, and what I tell other marketers and bloggers to do!

Start by testing the audiences first and then test different ads. My best overall ad set was Lookalike Fans and Lookalikes of my email subscribers (in this case limited to women only).

I had a pretty small Facebook Page, small email list, and didn’t get very much traffic to my website. But that didn’t matter because Facebook’s algorithm went to work finding people who be the best fit for my ads.

This goes to prove that you CAN have success with a small audience with Facebook ads. Creating Lookalikes of small audiences can perform really well, and I’ve proven it!

You just have to trust that Facebook’s algorithm is working for you and they want to find the right people for your ad campaigns.

Why I Love Being a Facebook Ads Coach

After my success with this Conversion Campaign, this is when other entrepreneurs and small business owners found me and wanted help with their Facebook ads too. This is how I found my calling to be a Facebook ads coach and my passion for teaching others how to harness the power of Facebook ads!

Facebook ads can be a powerful tool for driving traffic, sign ups, and purchases for many different types of businesses. They are a great way to launch a product, build your email list, and get more followers on social media.

For me, being a Facebook ads coach is a dream come true because I get to do the things I love most, including helping people, strategizing, and creating systems for success with Facebook ads!

Plus, being a Facebook ads coach is helping me live my dream of being able to provide for my family financially while working from home and growing my business!

If you’d like to learn more about my Flourish with Facebook Ads course so you can create campaigns that convert, check out the course website.

For the entire span of my Facebook ad campaign my average cost was only $1.01 per webinar registration. I'm giving you an insider’s look at my own success story and the exact formula for webinar signups using Facebook ads!
  1. Felipe Vergara says:

    Nice article!! One question, which campaign objective do you use to make people register to your webinar? Lead gen? Conversions? Thanks!! Felipe

  2. Ryan says:

    How many people showed up to your webinar

    • Monica Louie says:

      Hey, Ryan! It was several years ago so I’m just going from memory, but I think I had 50-75 people attend each live webinar. For each campaign, I offered multiple time slots and dates for the live webinars. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but I remember my show-up rates being comparable to the industry norm at the time. Hope that helps!

  3. David says:

    Hi Monica!

    Would you say that the average cost per registrant has gone up now? Would $1-3 still be a realistic expectation for a “good” webinar?

    • Monica Louie says:

      Hi, David!

      Things definitely change over time, including what a “good” cost per result is on Facebook. For webinars specifically, I would say you’re doing pretty well if you’re getting up to $7 or $8 per registration, but the niche can have a significant impact. We have clients in a variety of niches, and we’re getting webinar sign-ups via ads anywhere from $1-$5.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Justin Bilyj says:

    Hi Monica,
    Have you or anyone you know (like Larry Kim) tried using FB ads in connection with Facebook Messenger to get webinar sign-ups? If so what was an average cost per attendee?
    Great article!

    • Monica Louie says:

      Hey, Justin, great question! In our experience, it costs more to get a webinar sign-up through Messenger than it does to do an ad straight to the landing page. But we have only tried running Messenger ads with a few clients, and every audience and offer is different. It’s always worth testing! You also might find Molly Pittman or Andrew Warner to be useful resources on this topic. Hope that helps!

  5. Jasmine says:

    I am getting nowhere close to that in registrations and I have spent $500 in ads. I’m clearly doing something wrong

  6. Tarrah says:

    Hi there. I’m a little late on this but is this something you do to make money, bc as far as I can tell you are spending money money to produce these webinars. Second question, what is the ultimate goal of a webinar? Thank you in advance for your time.

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