Get premium-level training, ads management, and mentorship that goes above and beyond the scope of a typical ads agency. 

When it comes to Facebook & Instagram Ads, you deserve more  than leads and sales.

established online entrepreneurs:


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Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income

“We ran one campaign that was specifically for a launch of a $247 course. When you see a 2000% ROI [in just a short, targeted launch], I’d say that’s a very successful campaign!” 


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Abbi Kirsten, Abbi Kirsten Collections

"We hit over $1 Million this year! Team Flourish has given me incredible insights — along with a work ethic that’s hard to find today. And scaling with ads has allowed me to retire my husband sooner than we anticipated! I wouldn’t be at this point without Flourishing Impact." 


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Dave Chesson, Kindlepreneur

"Monica and her team have a level of dedication and professionalism with my ads that rival none. My ROI is over 300%! I've also seen a noticeable increase in my brand’s popularity, as well as even more organic sales."


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Dennis, Builder Brigade

"I wanted to be as hands-off as possible to where I could just say, “here, you do it.” That’s exactly what I was able to do with Team Flourish. They took everything off my plate and helped me quickly double my revenue."


Get Sustainable Results

You barely have enough time or energy to keep up with your organic marketing…

Ready to stop limiting your business growth?

Let alone figure out how to make Facebook & Instagram Ads work for increasing your leads, launch results, and revenue.

More and more responsibilities keep piling up on your plate.

And you’re teetering on the edge of exhaustion. 

But you’re NOT willing to reach your breaking point.

You know Facebook & Instagram Ads could easily increase your audience, impact, and income.

You see it happening for other digital product and program creators, so you have a feeling it’s possible for you, too.

Well, you’re right. You absolutely can trust your instincts.

Autopilot results are not a myth. And they’re not reserved for “internet unicorns.” 

With the right strategies in place, you’re just a few clicks away from boosting your traffic, email subscribers, launch results, and sales.

Not to mention making a bigger difference in the world as you expand your reach.

And that’s why Team Flourish is here to support you.

You know you’re ready to start increasing your traffic, leads, launch results, and revenue with less effort & more consistency. And you’d love to see how Facebook and Instagram Ads could make that happen.

But you’re worried that running your own ads might:

  • Result in losing money — rather than making it 😬

  • Take too much time (and you’re already exhausted)

  • Or be too complicated for your simplicity-loving soul

I hear you. That’s exactly why I created a simple 6-step system for creating and optimizing your own high-converting Facebook and Instagram Ads — in less than one week.

Flourish with Facebook Ads™



Let’s be real. You don’t want to pay a big ads agency to treat your business like just another widget that’s impersonally pumped through their cookie-cutter, factory-style process. 

You want to work with a team that prioritizes your unique needs and puts your best interests first.

By partnering with Team Flourish, you’ll get fully customized, ROI-focused ads management executed by a team of highly skilled experts.

We are genuinely invested in thoroughly getting to know your business to match you with the best strategies to scale your audience and revenue — so you can finally free up your time.

Flourish with Ads Management™



Your growth-accelerating Facebook & Instagram Ads start here.


I’m obsessed with helping you finally turn your dreams of time freedom into reality — by confidently growing and scaling your business through the power of simple, strategic, and sustainable Facebook and Instagram Ads.

If you're like me, you started your business because it gave you the opportunity to create wealth by doing something you love and helping others at the same time. 

But as your business has grown, so have your responsibilities. I feel you.
I know all too well the exhaustion of trying to wear more hats than your head can handle.

That’s why Team Flourish and I are here to help you not only get an amazing ROI with your advertising dollars, but also give you the Return on More Time you've been dreaming of.

It’s time for impact-fueled Facebook & Instagram Ads that free up your time & create flourishing wealth.

Meet Monica

Hey, friend!

Because a thriving business allows you to enjoy your life today. 

We're genuinely invested in helping coaches & course creators achieve your highest potential. 

We’re here to provide exceptional service, training, and mentorship to amplify your success and impact — so your time, finances, and families can flourish. 

Our Mission

And create a lasting legacy for tomorrow.

We believe that when we create more wealth… 
we generate opportunities to create more change.

And we're committed to equipping you with autopilot Facebook and Instagram Ads strategies that enable your business to thrive.

We're a team of experts who have your best interests at heart.

We’re more than an ads agency.


Let’s flourish together.

Ready to get started with Facebook Ads? We'll walk you through the 6 simple steps for creating high-converting campaigns. When you combine these steps with the bonus glossary and checklist, you'll know exactly how to launch your next campaign like a pro. 

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Ready to get started with Facebook Ads? Discover exactly how to launch high-converting campaigns like a pro. 

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More Than An Ads Agency

autopilot ads strategies for consistent, sustainable & flourishing wealth

Get your FREE Facebook Ads

Starter Kit

Ready to get started with Facebook Ads? Discover exactly how to launch high-converting campaigns like a pro. 

Get your 6 simple steps!

More Than An Ads Agency

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