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As the number of regular Facebook users continues to grow, people are spending more time on social media. Because of this, Facebook ads have become an important part of marketing strategies for businesses.

Running Facebook ads is a great way to get new traffic to your website or blog, convert visitors into revenue, and more.

As we come off of an expensive holiday season, it can be tempting to pull back on your ad spend to save yourself some money. If this is your strategy, I’m here to tell you that may not be the best strategy!

The new year is actually the perfect time to increase your ad spend! At the very least, now is a great opportunity to start experimenting with new Facebook ads or audiences.

Here are four reasons why the new year is the perfect time to run Facebook ads.

1. Buyers are Looking for Help

As we head into the New Year, a lot of readers and buyers are gearing up for New Year’s resolutions. This means that there are a lot of buyers who are looking for solutions their problems.

There will be an increased interest in doing online searches and research trying to find solutions to issues they’re having. More buyers will be looking for products, courses, and blog posts (just like yours!) to help solve their problems!

2. Less Competition for Ad Space

Most businesses tend to pull back their marketing budget after spending extra money on Facebook ads and other marketing strategies over the holidays.

However, because you’re reading this post and you’re smart, you’re going to do the opposite.

January is a great time to increase ad spend because there’s less competition for ad space. This means your ads will get more views during the first part of the new year versus any other time of year.

3. Lower Cost Per Click and Conversion

Again, because of the lower level of competition for ad space, your ad is going to be shown to more people more often. This will result in a lower cost per click and conversion for your ads.

During this time of year, it’s not uncommon for my clients to have ads that hover at, or below, $0.05 per click on Facebook. If you’re driving traffic to a monetized website or blog post, it won’t be hard to turn a profit on a cost per click that low.

You’ll also be able to get more email subscribers, webinar attendees, and product sales for less money too.

4. Cheap Experiments to Find Your Perfect Audience

If you’re still searching for your perfect Facebook ads audience, now is the time to run cheap experiments that target new groups of people to see how they convert.

Although you still have to keep in mind the minimum ad spend of $5.00 per Ad Set per day, you can get a much larger reach to see how well your ad will perform with a new audience.

Don’t forget that even if you see phenomenal results on day one with a new ad, Facebook’s algorithm may be able to get the cost even lower over time. It takes a few days for Facebook to find the right people within your targeting criteria to show your ad to, so be patient.

Get Started with Facebook Ads Today

Similarly to how you should invest money in the stock market after it crashes while everyone else is pulling out, you can put more money toward Facebook ads during the new year.

This is a time when everyone else is still reeling from overspending during the holidays and you can use it to increase conversions while lowering costs!

Here are a few ways to take advantage of this great time to run ads!

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