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I love investing in my business and learning new skills through buying courses and products. There are so many awesome courses available online today!

This makes it easy to get sucked into thinking that each and every one of them will be exactly what you need to grow your business to the next level. Being a course junkie is a common theme that I see online!

It can be frustrating to invest time and money into courses and products for your business only to see no return. Is this something you’ve struggled with?

Today, I’m sharing the five questions you need to ask to ensure the courses and products you buy will serve the needs of your business, so you can avoid being a course junkie!

How to Be a Smart Course Buyer

1. Do you need this to move forward? (2:35)

Think about what direction your business is headed. Are you planning for the new year? What goals you want to accomplish with your business?

If you know the major projects, what are the resources, courses, and products you need to set yourself up for success in those areas?

Buying courses can seem like a good way to move your business forward. But if you don’t take action to implement the things you’ve learned from your investments, it may not be a good ideas after all.

2. Is the topic and timing right? (4:06)

In the later half of 2018, I plan to launch a podcast. Because of this, I already have a course in mind that I want to invest in. However, I haven’t purchased it yet because I’m not ready to take action on it right now!

That said, there are times when you might have a justified reason to buy a course now and implement it later. For example, if the course does an open cart/closed cart launch in March and it won’t be open again until 2019, it would be smart to purchase the product at that time.

3. Should you finish other courses first? (5:48)

Before you buy, don’t forget to consider other resources you already have! These may be things that need to be finished or re-visited that could help you learn the skills you need for your business goals.

There’s nothing wrong with investing in a new course for your business! The goal is to make sure your other projects are completed first!

4. Can you outsource instead? (6:53)

If the timing is right and other projects are completed, you might feel like you’re ready to move forward with buying a new course. However, don’t forget to think about outsourcing.

Depending on what you’re wanting to learn, think about whether you should outsource or if you should personally be the one to learn this new skill for your business.

Sometimes, it could be both!

You may need to learn the skills before you outsource the task. This way you know what’s going on, but you don’t have to do the daily actions yourself.

5. What are the results? (8:30)

If everything else seems right and you’re ready to move forward with purchasing a new course or product, seek out results first.

Look at the course instructor or product creator and what results they’ve gotten in their own business. Also, look for testimonials of people who have already taken the course or worked with the instructor to see if their businesses are similar to yours so you can get an idea of the kind of results to expect.

You should also review the content closely to make sure it answers the questions you need answered for your business strategy.

The key to seeing results from buying online courses is to be committed to not only taking the course, but also to taking the action needed to implement the strategies you learn.

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