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I just got back from a fabulous time in Dallas, Texas where I attended two conferences, FinCon and Success Incubator.

It was a whirlwind of a week where I was able to have lots of fun doing karaoke in an Uber van, and being a back-up dancer for Dee-1!!

I meet some amazing people, and left with tons of golden nuggets — many of which I want to implement in my business!

In today’s Facebook Live I’m sharing some of my top 7 takeaways and lessons learned from FinCon and Success Incubator.

Takeaways from Amazing Entrepreneurs

Here are some powerful takeaways from the speakers at these conferences that have helped shift my perspective.

1. Darren Rowse, Problogger & Digital Photography School (1:47)

At Success Incubator, Darren gave a presentation about How to Stop Revolving and Start Evolving. He said that “persistence alone isn’t enough”. While this is important for your business, you also need to “be quick to evolve what you do” including evolving your mindset and monetization in order to be successful.

2. Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income (3:14)

Pat gave these three steps on, Creating a Purposeful Content Calendar:

  • Define a publication structure including the timing of your content so that you can be consistent
  • Insert promotions during certain times of the year including launches and affiliate marketing
  • Fill in the gaps with the rest of your content.

3. Steve Chou, My Wife Quit Her Job (5:00)

I got to hear about Steve’s booming online e-commerce business and he shared how he was able to, Use Email, Podcasting, Facebook Ads and Webinars to Sell a Million Dollars of his course every year. He’s always sharing amazing nuggets about keeping his costs low, building a small team, and being strategic with opt-in forms to get subscribers into his funnel, building a relationship with them and give multiple offers of his course.

4. Deacon Hayes, Well Kept Wallet (6:38)

One of my longtime clients, Deacon, spoke at both the Success Incubator and FinCon about SEO. He also won the Plutus award for Blog of the Year, which is so fitting because he has seen some amazing blog growth of about 400k visitors to his blog and 600k pageviews!

His success is due to implementing two key strategies: SEO and Facebook Ads. Congratulations Deacon! 🎉

5. Grant Sabatier, Millenial Money (8:16)

SEO was a recurring theme during FinCon and was the key to the growth of Grant’s blog about becoming financially independent. Once he fully committed to his blog, he was very strategic in sharing his story as well as how he spends his time — which allows it to spread like wildfire.

He does a 5-minute daily podcast which taught me that you can give value in multiple ways.

6. Nathalie Lussier, AmbitionAlly (10:08)

Nathalie spoke about growing a membership site and keeping course buyers engaged throughout the entire course by focusing on these 4 things:

  • Attract
  • Befriend
  • Convert
  • Deliver (thinking about how you want your course students to feel).

She has a WordPress plugin called AccessAlly, that comes with amazing features to help you accomplish these goals.

7. Rosemarie Groner, The Busy Budgeter (12:00)

Rosemarie encouraged us to evaluate the potential return on investment (ROI) of every single task you do in your businesses — from not only a money investment basis but also a time investment perspective.

She found that investing in learning Facebook Ads to get people into her sales funnel yielded the highest ROI for her! Another great piece of advice she gave was to “date your (email) list” by building a relationship with and nurturing your readers.


I still have so many pages of notes from these conferences that I have to review but I got so much out of attending the sessions! I made connections, met people, and danced the night away on the dance floor — it was SO worth it!!

I encourage you to look at upcoming conferences for next year and think about where you can meet your ideal audience or your peers, so you can continue to grow and be strategic with how you want to move your business forward.

If you enjoyed this video, let’s connect!

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