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Hey there! I'm Monica — the purple-loving, debt-demolishing, dancing queen and founder of Flourishing Impact. 

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A member of Team Flourish is a rockstar contractor who seeks to help Flourishing Impact transition from a multiple 6-figure business to a 7-figure business.

Team Flourish aims to help online businesses grow their impact and their profits!

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Team Flourish members enjoy working in a team environment where their ideas are respected and encouraged. Everyone enjoys maintaining a high level of accuracy, integrity, and quality of work.

Even though Team Flourish members seek to eliminate errors, we all make mistakes. However, we are quick to own up to our mistakes and do whatever we can to fix them!

Not just to you, but to your family.

This is the place where your work matters. 

As a premium-level boutique Facebook and Instagram Ads agency, we operate with a lean and efficient team of digital marketing experts.

We know what it’s like to run an online business because that’s what we do day in and day out — working remotely across the US.

We are team-oriented.

Copywriter & Admin Assistant


"I've really enjoyed working with Monica and Team Flourish! There's a genuine commitment to supporting our clients and students to the best of our ability - something that I believe has aided my professional development and made me a better copywriter. Monica is very receptive when it comes to specific projects we'd like to work on, topics we'd like to learn more about, and allowing our positions to evolve over time."

There's a genuine commitment!

Monica values work-life balance

Ads Strategist


"Working with Monica Louie and Team Flourish has been an exceptional experience. The fast-paced, dynamic environment makes every day an exciting challenge. The diversity in tasks and projects keeps the work far from monotonous - there's always something new to learn, a different avenue to explore, turning each day into a unique journey.
Monica values work-life balance, ensuring the job is fulfilling without encroaching on personal time. This blend of challenge, support, balance, and variety makes Team Flourish a fantastic place to thrive."

With a tight-knit team who genuinely cares about your success?

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